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the wild table
Seasonal Foraged Food and Recipes
by Connie Green & Sarah Scott


Foreward by Thomas Keller


Available October 14, 2010 from Viking Studio



“The best way to learn about mushroom foraging is the old-fashioned way—by apprenticing yourself to an expert…Connie Green." --Martha Stewart Living


"I'm crazy for The Wild Table because it goes right to the source of all good edibles-the plants that grow happily all by themselves outside the garden walls where they figure out how to live with no help from us humans at all. I have long loved eating wild foods, but this book goes far beyond a causal love affair. It's a work born out of deep commitment, passion, and enthusiasm for the edible wild plant world, a world we'd all do well to know much more about. Kudos to both authors!" --Deborah Madison, Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers markets


"A useful, essential, full-of-joy book with delectable recipes, The Wild Table brings me back to my youth, my family, and our Sunday meal of nettle (ortie) soup and field mushrooms (rosé) that my mother served with her chicken with cream sauce." --Jacques Pépin, author of Fast Food My Way



The Wild Table is an invitation into the romantic, mysterious, and delicious world of exotic, foraged food. Once overlooked by culinary aficionados, in the last decade the celebration of organic foods, farmer’s markets, and artisanal producers has dovetailed with a renewed passion for wild delicacies. From four-star restaurants to local markets, more and more wild food is appearing and gaining star status. On the forefront of the foraging movement is longtime “huntress” Connie Green, who sells her gathered goods across the country and to Napa Valley’s finest restaurants like French Laundry along with long-time chef and culinary consultant Sarah Scott. In The Wild Table, they take readers with them into the woods and then back to the kitchen with wild delights.


Structured in parts by season (Spring, Summer, Indian Summer, Autumn, and Winter) plus the Wild Pantry, The Wild Table is brimming with 100 irresistible recipes for savory delights such as Bacon-Wrapped Duck Stuffed Morels, Cuitlacoche Soup with Queso Fresco Spiral, Hedgehog Mushroom and Carmelized Onion Tart, Buckwheat Waffles with Spruce Tip Syrup, Ramp and Shrimp Grits and decadent desserts like Huckleberry Lemon Pudding Cake, and homemade Mulberry Ice Cream. Featuring more than 40 wild mushrooms and plants, The Wild Table teaches the reader how to forage for one’s own wild foods and contains recipes for ingredients used regularly in today’s haute cuisine and introduces exciting, lesser known specialties. With essential cooking tips and step-by-step techniques, such as basket-grilling and oven-roasting, along with simple variations and substitutions, these dishes are accessible to cooks at all levels. With a foreword by renowned chef Thomas Keller, the book also features recipes from noted chefs like Todd Humphries and Hiro Sone adapted for the home cook. Along with incredible recipes, each section is led by an essay that captures the essence of each ingredient and shares foraging stories. Beyond organic, these wild ingredients go further by either helping people connect directly to nature, and will transport even the arm-chair forager to the vibrant, untamed world of new flavors.